Wholesale Christmas Trees

Our farms are located near Petersburg, West Virginia – at the Eastern base of the Appalachian Mountains.  We are 120 miles West of the Washington, DC area, thus close to our wholesale customers in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

We are a family owned and operated agricultural business with Wholesale Christmas Trees as our principle product.  Our farms include about 200 acres or 75,000 trees in production. There are many cultural practices completed to produce the best trees possible.  In July and August we tag Christmas trees to determine what species, sizes and grades we have for sale that Christmas season.  Letters are sent to our previous customers to allow them an opportunity to be first in purchasing what is available.  Orders must be received by September 1st.  After this date, we accept orders from new customers.

Species grown include Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Concolor Fir, Canaan Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir.  Refer to the “Species We Grow” page for descriptions and characteristics of each species.

We do enormous amounts of work to produce a quality product and take pride in the quality we offer.  Some of these practices include:

  • The formation of clear 8-inch stump handles by basal cutting lower limbs off.  This presents clean stump for inserting into the tree stand and assists us at time of harvest in cutting the tree.
  • All Christmas trees are visited at least once a year to be pruned and shaped by hand.
  • We do annual fertilization to produce the freshest green trees possible.
  • Herbicides are used to keep grass and weeds away from the tree and lower branches.  This produces fuller bottoms on all trees and more nutrients/water for the Christmas tree to grow well.
  • Disease and insect sprayings are made as needed to control destructive occurrences.
  • We begin harvesting as late as possible – generally after November 12th to assure freshness.

For any questions or to request a pricing list, Contact: (304) 668-6600, email wvmaytreefarm@gmail.com or contact us on our Facebook page.